[New Zealand Official Year-Book (1919)]

School of English and Media Studies

English 139.750:

Contemporary NZ Writers
in an International Context

The idea of this course is a very straightforward one: to take a few significant contemporary New Zealand writers and look at their work against a background of global trends and ideologies. Each time the course is taught, we examine a different genre. This semester, it's poetry. The plan is to pair off each local poet with an international one. In the case of the prose, to locate each fiction writer within larger international conversations around globalization, identity, indigeneity and post-colonialism.

Administration Guide:

Author Pages:

Poetry Sessions:

  1. Module 1 - Graham Lindsay / Peter Reading
    • The Notebook Process

  2. Module 2 - Michele Leggott / Susan Howe
    • In the Archives

  3. Module 3 - Anne Carson / Michael Harlow
    • Back to the Classics

  4. Module 4 - Paul Muldoon / Fiona Farrell
    • The Anxiety of Influence

  5. Module 5 - Ian Wedde / Derek Walcott
    • Postcolonial / Post-canonical Blues

[Atrium Building - Massey Albany]