[New Zealand Official Year-Book (1919)]

School of English and Media Studies

English 139.750:

Contemporary NZ Writers
in an International Context

The idea of this course is a very straightforward one: to take a few significant contemporary New Zealand writers and look at their work against a background of global trends and ideologies. Each time the course is taught, we examine a different genre. This semester, it's poetry. The plan is to pair off each local poet with an international one as a means of starting a conversation about some large issues that affect both: globalization, history, identity, indigeneity and post-colonialism.

Administration Guide:

Author Pages:

Poetry Sessions:

  1. Module 1 - Graham Lindsay / Peter Reading
    • The Notebook Process

  2. Module 2 - Michele Leggott / Susan Howe
    • In the Archives

  3. Module 3 - Paul Muldoon / Fiona Farrell
    • The Anxiety of Genre-Bending

  4. Module 4 - Anne Carson / Michael Harlow
    • Back to the Classics

  5. Module 5 - Ian Wedde / Derek Walcott
    • Postcolonial / Post-canonical Blues

[Atrium Building - Massey Albany]