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  • Course Poetry Anthology [available from the School of English and Media Studies]

The poetry section of this course has to range pretty widely, both chronologically and geographically, in order to make much sense. We'll begin by considering the evolution and antecedents of the (so-called) Language (or L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, after the title of their main periodical) Poets of the 70s and 80s, but from there we'll be forced to examine a number of different movements, ideologies and techniques.

I've included a number of fairly comprehensive anthologies in this bibliography. Their introductions often contain useful insights into the evolution of poetic practice over the period we're considering: roughly, the last two to three decades of writing in New Zealand and internationally. They also have the added advantage of giving you a chance to sample the wide range of poetry available in English today.

There's a more specific booklist available on each of the author pages on this site. This Bibliography page is therefore mainly confined to more general works. I've divided them (roughly) into geographical regions for convenience, but obviously there's a good deal of overlap in the material covered by some of them.

It will continue to grow over the span of the course, so please do write in with any suggestions or criticisms you have.

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  2. USA

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  3. NZ

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